Media design

Media design is the newest and most modern specialty in the branch of journalism, 142 students study in this specialty. In this branch, the basics of media design and image are taught, as well as the theoretical foundations of journalism. There are such subjects as: “Software for media design”, “Foreign language”, “Digital assembly”, “Multimedia tools and types”, “Modern web design”, “Theory and history of design”, “User design”, “Fundamentals digital photography in art.”, “Fundamentals and management of media business”, “Web programming technologies', “Web design”, “Modern 3D graphics”. They are taught by experienced professors such as Nozima Muratova, Mukimzhon Kyrgyzboev, Dadakhan Yakubov. Along with teaching students, they appear in various media, in particular, "Uzbekistan", "My Country", "Sevimli", "Dunyo Boylab", "People's Word", in the newspapers "Darakchi" and "Yoshlar Ovozi".


Teachers: Shohrukh Cholliev, Dadakhon Yakubov, Farrukh Saidov, Ugilshad Suyunova, Jamshid Sadinov, Jahongir Modullayev.


Tutor: Viloyat Shodieva