Art Journalism

In order to form a good taste and cultural and educational potential of students in the field of journalism, the art specialty "Art Journalism" was created. It has 36 students. Students of this specialty study such disciplines as: "Genres in art journalism", "Introductory speech techniques and skills", "Director's, filming and editing practice", "Art journalism on the Internet (art blogging), "Fine art", " Folk art, folklore and ethnography”, “Criticism and analysis in the system of art journalism”, “Psychology in art journalism”, “Choreographic art”, “Manipulative methods in art journalism”, “Museology”, “Fashion industry and fashion journalism”, "Scriptwriting", "Intercultural communication", "Creating a media product in art journalism"

Teachers: Abduvahob Kadyrov, Saida Agzamkhojaeva, Yulduz Zohidova, Mohinur Akhmetzhanova, Shakhnoza Israilova, Dilorom Abdullayeva.