Tourism journalism

"Tourism journalism" is a rapidly developing area of ​​tourism throughout the world. Training qualified journalists to cover and analyze this process is a priority. 23 students study in this specialty. Such subjects are studied as: "Genres in travel journalism", "Introductory speech techniques and skills", "Director's, filming and editing practice", "Travel journalism on the Internet (travel blogging)", "Trends in tourism and travel -journalism", "Travel essay", "Folk art, folklore and ethnography", "Creating a media product in travel journalism", "Analysis of travel journalism", "Projects in travel journalism", "World hospitality and gastronomic tourism", "Historical and cultural tourism", "Sports tourism", "Ecotourism", "Scenery", "Intercultural communication".

Teachers: Abduvahob Kadyrov, Saida Agzamkhojaeva, Yulduz Zohidova, Mohinur Akhmetzhanova, Shakhnoza Israilova, Dilorom Abdullaeva, Uljamol Khonnaeva.