International journalism

201 students study in the specialty of "International Journalism". They are taught such disciplines as: "Genres in International Journalism", "Introductory Speech Techniques and Skills", "Director's, Filming and Editing Practice", "Publicism and Documentary Writing in International Journalism", "The System of International Journalism", "International Business Journalism", "Skills for Direct Work broadcasts”, “News preparation program”, “Manipulative methods in international journalism”, “Producing in the field of journalism”, “New trends in journalism”, “Modern international television”, “Screenwriting”, “Journalistic safety”. in extreme situations”, “Intercultural communication”, study the subjects “International global communication”. Along with the training, students get acquainted with various media, in particular, with the TV channels “O‘zbekiston”, “Mening yurtim”, “Sevimli”, “Dunyo bo‘ylab”, and the newspapers “Ma’rifat” and “Darakchi”. This area is one of the most popular areas of the university. Head of the department: Yulduz Zohidova Kabilovna.

Teachers: Bobur Alikhanov, Yulduz Zohidova, Gulrukh Nematova, Munira Zainiddinova, Dilshod Boriev, Faizulla Abdullaev.